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Podium, Evolution of SorareData, Secures €2 Million Seed Funding for ReignMetrics Launch

Paris, France, September 7th, 2023

Podium, known previously as SorareData and a key player in NFT fantasy sports analytics, has announced a €2 million seed funding round. The round was led by Fabric Ventures, with participation from Sfermion and Seedcamp.

Podium’s foundation, SorareData, is the leading analytics tool within the Sorare community, with over 12,000 paying subscribers and annual recurring revenue of more than €1 million. This fundraising round will strengthen SorareData’s position and boost its operations and offerings.

This funding will also support the launch of ReignMetrics, a new analytics tool tailored for the emerging fantasy sports product DraftKings Reignmakers. ReignMetrics, launching in beta this week, aims to offer users valuable insights and data to improve their roster and lineup decisions.

By expanding its reach to DraftKings Reignmakers, Podium further solidifies its standing as the preeminent force in the NFT fantasy sports analytics sector. With a rich heritage from SorareData, Podium is uniquely positioned to serve and shape the analytics needs of the industry.

Maxime Hagenbourger, CEO of Podium, stated, “This funding round marks a significant milestone for us. ReignMetrics embodies our vision: to craft state-of-the-art tools for the major players in the NFT fantasy sports ecosystem. As the landscape evolves, so do we, ensuring that enthusiasts and professionals alike have the best resources at their fingertips.”

Max Mersch, partner at Fabric Ventures, said: "For the past two years we have been power users of SorareData and we love the product! We have a firm belief that the intersection of on-chain gaming and the sports world will continue to expand massively, and Podium is best placed to consolidate its leader position as the prime data provider in the sector."


Maxime Hagenbourger, CEO


About Podium

Podium, with its headquarters in Paris, France, specializes in providing analytics and data-driven tools for NFT fantasy sports. Its best-in-class tools assist users in making informed decisions about every aspect of their game: trading, scouting & lineup building.

About SorareData

Founded in 2020, SorareData is the go-to platform for Sorare players. It provides player stats, market data, decision-making tools, live experience and much more to enhance the experience of every Sorare manager.

About Sorare

Sorare was created by sports fans for sports fans. Sorare is transforming online sports fandom and giving its community a new way to connect to the clubs and players that they love. Based in Paris and New York, Sorare is funded by a world-class team including Benchmark, Accel, Softbank, and footballers Piqué, Antoine Griezmann and Rio Ferdinand.

About Fabric Ventures

Fabric is a venture contributor: building, backing and accelerating the boldest ideas in Web3, to create a more open and fair economy. As a top European Web3 fund, Fabric focuses on being the “first institutional cheque” invested in web3 companies on a path to be global winners. Fabric Ventures’ portfolio includes Sorare, Immutable, Nansen, Messari, Ledger.

About ReignMetrics

Founded in 2023, ReignMetrics is home to the best market and player analytics tools for all Reignmakers: Football franchise owners, assisting them in every aspect of their game.

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About DraftKings Reignmakers

DraftKings Reignmakers allows players to build a collection of gamified NFT player cards through pack drops, auctions, and secondary marketplace, officially licensed by the NFLPA, PGA TOUR, and UFC, allowing participants to draft those cards in fantasy contests throughout the year.