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The most comprehensive tools with live and reliable data for your favorite NFT fantasy sports platforms, built by, and for, fantasy sports players.

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Our mission

Changing the way fans enjoy sports

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) provide uniqueness of fantasy-game items, and they have changed the way players manage, trade, and sell their in-game collectibles.

We are passionate sports fans who believe NFT fantasy sports are going to help millions around the world enjoy sports differently, and give them the ability to monetize their knowledge.

Our tools will help those fans unleash their full potential by providing live and reliable analytics for desktop and mobile devices.

Trade to triumph

Data for smart decisions

Trading is a pillar of fantasy sports strategy, and it is vital for success in many games. Knowing which items to trade is important, but so is knowing when to trade, and the value of those items.

We provide the necessary tools to help fantasy players make the best decisions, while showing them the immediate and potential long-term impacts.

Vision beyond the game

Detailed statistics and advanced research tools

Fantasy sports is much more than just counting player stats, and we provide the keys to unlock everything fantasy sports can provide.

Whether it’s studying official statistics and injury information or evaluating transaction histories, price graphs, and more, our tools allow our users to always be ahead of the curve.

Experience every moment

Live events and analytics

One of the most exciting aspects of fantasy sports is following your progress live. That’s why we provide real-time alerts for major moments on your desktop or mobile device.

Whether you’re at home, in the stadium, or anywhere else, our products are designs to keep you up-to-date on everything, with quick access to real-time official stats.

Be the next level manager

Key performance metrics

Success as a fantasy-sports manager is about more than just today’s results, which is why we’ve created detailed portfolio-tracking tools to help those managers see the evolution of their performances.

Our enhanced portfolio tracker includes details such as valuation histories, previous reward statistics, and collection data to help them measure their past, while also allowing them to monitor current players’ statistics, form, injuries, and upcoming matchups.

Our custom watchlists allow managers to monitor the scores and market prices of players they are scouting, while also providing the ability to track other managers to follow their success.

Our products

Analytics for all sports


The leader in real-time player analytics and market data designed for Sorare football, NBA and MLB managers of all levels.



Home to the best market and player analytics tools for all Reignmakers: Football franchise owners.

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